LED TV professional Manufactory

High quality audio-visual life, it is enough with S1 company !

Full HD smart Theater


The spirit of the geek

S1 use lens center design, material are meticulously selected
It shows The spirit of pursuit of perfect quality of Xianyou technical team.

Cinema level high definition pictures seem to be in front of us

27 enhancement of HD pictures quality technology, DLP precision color technology, color restore more realistic, 1080P Full HD mystery, each frame contains 2700,000 pixels, which is 2.25 times than the mainstream 720P resolution.
Xianyou S1 picture details more rich, the image more delicate - this is the mystery of Xianyou S1 ,which is with 1080P full definition and create an immersive experience for the audience.

Theater - class shock 3D experience

It is used active shutter 3D imaging technology, which is the same as the DLP Cinema film projector, is more stereoscopic.

High quality optical machine
LED bulb life time:30000 hours

You can watch 20000 movies and watch 8 hours a day for ten years.

The built-in Hi-Fi audio play The sounds of nature

You need to be surrounded by a wonderful sound, immersed in a beautiful picture. The built-in Hi-Fi audio, collocation Dolby sound technology, faithfully restore the The sounds of nature which ring in our ears.


High quality painting

S1 has the DCI-P3 color gamut that reaches the Hollywood movie color display standard, which shows 25% increase in color than the standard RGB, and a wider range of green and red colors and restore films and the color of photos more really .It bring you a brighter and vivid color experience to meet your requirements of pursuing the ultimate theater experience and high fidelity visual effect.

Dolby dts音频双解码

H.265 10bit 4K@60帧 强大解码能力,配合HDMI2.0无损传输。原生支持杜比数字+及dts高音质音频编码格式,