LED TV professional Manufactory

Win three awards

To create a durable appearance, the remote controller and the body are one.
Complete body is screw free design, Fashion and small , convenient to carry.
Stay with you at any time.

Show ingenuity in process

The leather is used natural protein fiber,there is a special grain surface on its surface , and has natural grain and gloss, the hand feels comfortably. After nine fine processes, it is not only durable but also showing unique texture and beauty.


A grand curtain theater in a briefcase

Small size and large capacity

Make recharge soon

There is built-in large capacity and original imported battery in C1 , ts life and endurance are greatly improved compared
with that of domestic electric core. At the same time, the built-in fast charge chip is faster than the general charging treasure by 20%.


  • 1.0 The wired Era
    Short cable, quality loss
  • 2.0 Bluetooth Era
    Short range wireless, quality loss
  • 3.0 WIFI Era
    Wireless freedom, sound quality zero loss

Minimalist design, easy to control

Discard a lot of buttons, everything is very simple. Combined with the integrated design of remote control fuselage and main engine, the truly meaningful technology is people-oriented.


The lens is durable.

8 hours per day for 10 years, compared with the traditional projector, C1 is used OSRAM ultra-high performance LED light source ,which is Original imported from Germany , with low power consumption and high brightness. Luminance will not decay rapidly over time, without changing the light source. The service life is over 30000 hours.

No loss of picture quality

C1has pioneered the use of America Texas Instruments TI .2 optical chip , showing that the pixel is 30% smaller than the previous generation .3 chips.
Smaller pixels bring a richer and more delicate high-definition picture, combined with the leading Mstar64 - 4 - core 648 chip, 4K lossless decoding, gorgeous images beyond your imagination.

There are all the hot episodes.
Built in CIBN, enjoying the popular TV shows and online dramas



Three colors are optional